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What's new - The concept of helping young people to start-up
By Ellis Lee, the director of Ad-web.com
As time goes by, more people take money as the first priority, but pay less attention to the cultivation of the young generation. It is difficult for young people to find jobs or start their own businesses. Young entrepreneurs not only need to face securing funding, acquiring customers budgeting, but also need to tackle the challenge of high-cost and high quality requirement.

The Dot-Com bubble burst in the 90s made many people fear of talking about internet investment. After a decade of evolution, virtual services are getting more popular and turning into economic entity. The e-commerce platforms of Alibaba and other companies, such as Taobao, Tmall, JD, etc., have been running successfully. The turnover can reach 10 billion RMB whenever there is a holiday. In early February, Alibaba Group announced the set up of a HK$ 1 billion fund to help young Hong Kong entrepreneurs buliding their businesses on the e-commerce platforms. This is a great motivation for young people to start up their businesses.

As the director of a company, which has been running for three decades, I always regard "Bold hypothesis, Careful verification" as my motto. "Ad-web" is a conclusion of my judgement on work and interest over the past 30 years. Via the concept and the plans below, I hope I can dedicate my effort to the young entrepreneurs in HK and mainland, helping them with their businesses.

1) A good beginning In 2010, we successfully registered the graphic trademark "comma + full stop" for Ad-web, according to the article 42 and 38 of the Trademark Law of China and HK.
2) Owning 33 Professional Domains We have 33 professional domains, including ".com", ".cn" and ".hk". Each domain has its own concept. E.g. souvenir.com/advertising.hk.
3) Service & Product: We provide an e-platform for the entrepreneurs to create different concepts, based on the sub-domains deriving from the professional domains. Each professional domain can be developed into an individual APP according to different users. By using our trademark, we can develop software/ hardware accordingly, and provide a franchise opportunity.