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Micro Advertising Ltd. 

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Ellis Lee 

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+852 2343 1933 

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Rm.8, 6/F., Blk.B, Mai Hing lnd'l Bldg., 16-18 Hing Yip St., Kwun Tong, kowloon. HongKong 

I'm Ellis, the director of Micro Advertising Limited. In order to be more flexible and diversified, we would like to share our business idea with the "Ad-Web 3in1 Platform" (Ad-Blog, Ad-Web and Ad-Chat), which is a creative-program of Advertising-Web. Our business condition was not as flexible as the advertising media field. After all, we have been focusing on manufacturing for 3 decades. Except posting products and company information on the web pages, we also add some social network's elements, such as Micro-blog, Ad-chat etc., in our platform, which will lead a new style of releasing information.

In the past, as a manufacturer, all we need to face were clients and orders. However, with the global business environment changing, nowadays, we are not only facing the competition of production technology popularization, but also have to face the impact of the world financial system change, and the terrible financial crisis. Faced with these problems, we try our best to broaden the sources of income and reduce expenditure, but which was not enough as we concerned. We also have to improve the marketing strategy, such as opening-up, exchanging ideas and cooperation etc... I hope that our business could be stretched to the service level by sharing some potential idea with you.

Except being a manufacturer, supplier and exporter, we hope to become an internet platform developer and provider, whose idea is inspired from the marketing. Considering people's demand on internet is getting more and more reliant, we would like to cooperate with Advertising-Web.com, in order to reorganize the concept of the electronic business platform. In this way, blending new concept and traditional concept will lead us to another new service level.

Cooperated projects:
1. Acrylic Production and Internet service
1 ) acrylic-hk.com - We hope to cooperate with the potential buyers or acrylic importer;
2 ) souvenir.com - The domain name is for rent. It can be bundled together with 广告礼品网.cn, fits for the worldwide gifts industries;
3 ) 广告礼品网.cn - This Chinese domain name can be bundled together with souvenir.com, fits for Chinese gifts industries;
4 ) acrylic.cn - It's suitable for acrylic material suppliers;
5 ) chemical.cn - We are seeking for college cooperation to create more work opportunities for the students. Its domain name is also suitable for the chemical material supplier;
6 ) Advertising-Web 3in1 Platform - Cooperated with Ad-web.com, we aim to develop sub-domain platforms, based on our 29 domain names. It's suitable for creative industries such as network communication, media, Internet services provider etc...

2. Ad-web House -- Based on the ad-web service, we rent offices, meeting rooms and the leisure suite etc...

Above are our main developing projects in 2013. We are seeking investment partners who would like to build up a real world and online business community environment with us, based on the developing opportunity of our "Ad-web" service. Our aim is to create a platform where staffs, entrepreneurs and business operators can exchange idea with each other, in order to develop the business and relationship networks, gradually breaking into more industries.

Ellis Lee
Mar, 2013